BECC Consulting Tools Suite

Needs Analysis Software 2.0

Produces reports detailing:

  • Company and industry overview
  • Identified English communication problems
  • Clear graphs representing critical communication skills
  • Specific English activities related to business performance
  • Clear training solutions and recommendations

How can you know if a training course is going to be effective before you buy it? It's unfortunate, but often the English training you invest in does not target your staff's training needs and communication problems. How can you be sure that the training will meet your needs and improve business performance? In order to help HR professional and managers make training decisions The BECC Consulting Group offers a comprehensive analysis that discovers exactly what English skills your organization needs developed.

The BECC Consulting Group is pleased to announce the launch of their ABT™ Software Consulting Tools Suite. The first in the series is called Needs Analysis 2.0, which is designed to help you gain access to the information you need to make the right training decisions. For the first time in Taiwan, companies who want to get ROI on their English training have access to objective needs analysis. Now based entirely online, there's nothing to download or install, and you can access the software from any internet-enabled computer.

After analyzing what methods of communicating are most critical to your organization, the activities that your employees need to perform, and what skills your staff most need to develop, BECC's Consulting Software Suite organizes this information into easy to interpret reports complete with graphs and company analysis. This report will help you decide which staff members need what training. The software can easily assess different departments, managers, and employees so you can see exactly where your organization needs improvement. Within the report is a proposed training solution based on the identified needs, English activities, and communication problems.

Take the guesswork out of choosing a training program and let The BECC Consulting Group help you get the most out of every training dollar spent.

The Steps:

  1. Contact BECC for a company login and password.
  2. Decide which departments, managers, or employees you would like to assess.
  3. Have your employees log on through the BECC website.
  4. Employees answer questions related to their job and English activities.
  5. The information is then compiled and analyzed by BECC consultants.
  6. A needs analysis report is produced and sent to you within two business days.

To use this software and receive a Needs Analysis 2.0 Report, contact BECC today.