BECC is Expanding

We are proud to announce BECC has merged with CORE Consulting, to provide greater service to our clients. CORE Consulting brings a wealth of experience in executive coaching, management training and international consulting services. Now with three locations in Taiwan, BECC offers greater convenience, more program options and additional training facilities. This is a great step for BECC and for our valued clients. With our combined experience, we are excited to be able to provide an even higher standard of consulting services for companies and professionals.

BECC Hsinchu Branch is Open for Business

The excitement has been mounting for months around the launch of the BECC Hsinchu branch. Here is a brief message from the Hsinchu branch manager: The BECC Consulting Group has exciting plans for partnering with companies and busy professionals in Hsinchu this year. We know good, long-term partnerships take time to create. As our existing clients already know, BECC is especially well-positioned to provide you with strategic solutions to your business communication needs. We are eager and proud as we launch our expansion of business English professional development and training services to Hsinchu. Let us help you achieve success in this Year of the Dragon and beyond! After all, it is our belief that we do not succeed at our job until you succeed at yours! Please feel free to contact us after you review our website. We will be happy to schedule a brief introductory meeting to answer your questions in the near future. Hsinchu Branch Manager

BECC Now has Translation, Editing and Ghostwriting Services

For all those of you who need to create content in English, BECC has new services which you will find very valuable. BECC has the ability to translate, Edit or Ghostwrite your content for you. BECC’s team can help you to create the whole document, change a Chinese document into an English document or edit an English document. The BECC difference means that more than one person will provide feedback on your work. If you need English content of any kind BECC’s experienced team can assist you in creating a professional end product. Go to or email for more information.

The BECC Proficiency Test

Hello BECC members and customers! Have you ever wondered how good your English really is? I am happy to announce a new BECC tool to test English proficiency. As you know communication is the key to succeeding in the global market. And English is the language of international business. But, how can you measure how well you communicate in different real-life business situations? The BECC proficiency test is a business language testing service now available to all our BECC members! The BECC proficiency test is now online so you can find out your proficiency level any time, anywhere. And as soon as you finish the BECC test, your score will be emailed to you. Anyone can take the BECC test. It doesn't matter what level you are at, because the test works by adapting to whether the test taker is getting the answers right or wrong. It's easy, so if you want to know how good your English is just email BECC for your login and password:

Explore BECC’s Expanding Services

We invite you to explore the website. You will find that BECC offers a number of options to appeal to all English learners. BECC offers a variety of products and services which include editing of English documents. Be sure to be aware of BECC’s online learning program which is coming soon. This will allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home. BECC's current offerings include individual executive coaching - where you can receive customized one-on-one English training. The present online learning component allows each learner to take quizzes regarding the content that has been covered in their program. The present online component ensures comprehension and allows the learner to review areas where weaknesses exist. The current online learning component of any program is an added service exclusively for BECC customers. The learner receives feedback instantly, but the feedback can also be sent to HR departments and managers. Keeping organizations abreast of their employees’ progress. Visit the BECC website to learn more.

BECC and the ECCT Reach Out to Entrepreneurs

The European Chamber of Commerce has a reputation in Taiwan for their active approach to business and for the relationships they build between Taiwan and the rest of the world. It's little surprise that when the directors of the ECCT decided to launch their Small to Medium Enterprise Centre, they turned to BECC as a founding member. With the goal for helping foreigners run or start businesses, the SME Centre is in line with BECC's commitment to building successful businesses in Taiwan. Bringing the experience and business knowledge that is the cornerstone of their reputation, BECC helped organize workshops and events that supported entrepreneurs from both in and outside Taiwan. Since its inception in October 2007, BECC has helped the SME Centre arraigned events with topics like Internet marketing, corporate branding, logistical solutions, accounting, HR and ARC related legal issues. In the SME Centre, BECC saw another opportunity to use their understanding of business to improve the lives of the people in their community, as well as promote Taiwan's role internationally.

For Mega Financial Holdings, BECC's Training Makes a Difference

Finding a training solution that targets managers specifically presents several challenges for Taiwan's growing companies. For Mega Financial Holdings, the first of these was finding instruction that could not only improve the way their managers communicated in English, but strengthened them as managers and sharpened their understanding of business. When BECC stepped in, the management team had already had several unsatisfying experiences with other training solutions. After evaluating their specific needs, BECC designed a program that improved their English communication at the same time as teaching valuable lessons on organizational behavior and important managerial strategies. The change was almost immediate as Mega Financial Holdings managers found new professional skills to apply in their jobs, and as it would turn out, to their lives. For one student, the lessons BECC consultants delivered did even more. After studying reflective listening, a communication techinque used in meetings and negotiations to bridge the gap between participants and improve understanding, one manager found herself using the strategies with her teenage son. “It didn’t mean I agreed, but rather understood, what he was saying and this went along way with my son," she said, emphasizing that the techniques are useful even when speaking in Chinese. Comprehensive training, like the kind BECC is quickly becoming known for, finds relevance in all corners of a student's life. The real test of a training solution, therefore, must certainly be how a student finds uses for it, and only BECC has made training solutions that truly help people a priority.

BECC Helps En Tie Commercial Bank Through Acquisition

When an international private equity fund decided to purchase a controlling stake in En Tie Commercial Bank, it meant reorganization and new opportunities for for growth. En Tie's employees also found themselves suddenly part of a larger English-language company, and with a new chairman with whom they had to communicate. The challenge and stress of the situation decreased their confidence in their language skills and job performance, now having to make presentations, write reports, and participate in meetings using English. BECC's first job was to determine their levels and needs, after which they designed a twelve week program to address those needs. With En Tie staff suffering from shaky confidence and mounting pressure, BECC consultants realized that to enable En Tie's employees to do their jobs better, they had to do more than teach English language - they had to motivate and inspire. The training and guidance BECC provided helped En Tie quickly dismantle communication barriers, communicate with their new board of directors, and bring to their work the same level of professionalism they always had in Chinese. When the course finished, BECC received a 100% satisfaction rating from the entire class, proving again that for BECC, actually helping people comes first.

BECC's New Office to Provide Unique Training Experience

With over three years at work providing professional English training and consulting to some of Taiwan's most noteworthy companies, BECC is pleased to announce that they will shortly be offering individuals the same professional and high-quality solutions that have made them an industry leader. "We needed to expand our offices to meet the needs of our growing list of corporate clients, but we also took it as an opportunity to begin answering all the requests we've had from individuals for classes outside the workplace," said Daniel Hailstone, BECC's Chief Operations Officer. Located in the heart of Taipei city, next to the Far Eastern Hotel on AnHe Road, BECC's new office will include an exclusive training environment with class sizes ranging from one to eight individuals. "We wanted to make this an experience, and so we're really excited to offer a level of service you won't find at other training facilities in Taiwan. We can't wait for our students to come down, have a cup of coffee in our sun-lit lounge, cross paths with other motivated professionals and receive the sort of attention outside the class we've always prided ourselves on providing inside," Mr. Hailstone added. BECC is offering the full range of their training programs, and for one-on-one classes, exclusive executive level coaching in their new location.

BECC Helps Hitch Break the Ice on Business Networking

For Hitch, an online group that coaches professionals on networking and socializing skills, their first networking event had to be great. When CEO David Wu approached BECC about partnering to give his group it's first venue, BECC consultants were happy to help. After all, part of how the consultancy sees its role in Taiwan's business community is to provide more opportunities for professionals to get together, share ideas, and have a good time. Networking events are supposed to be fun, and that's what CEO Wu needed. His company, which coaches and helps people overcome shyness to succeed in business as well as life, couldn't get started with just another boring mixer. With experience hosting events for the ECCT, and a reputation for fun and engaging activities (and some exceptional catering contacts) BECC was really just looking for a reason to do more networking events. The event also featured a short workshop facilitated by BECC consultants to help get the group ready to network. Focusing on helping people break the ice in English, participants got up and got to know each other right away, while practicing useful communication skills while they did it. By the end of the event, they not only had new friends, they had the English skills to go out and make even more!

BECC Consulting Tools Suite Needs Analysis Software 2.0

The first in the BECC Consulting Group's series of web-based business software programs launched today. Called ABT™ Consulting Software Suite 2009, the software offers professional corporate needs analysis to Taiwan for the first time. The software identifies where communication problems occur, and then links emplyees' on-the-job English effectiveness to overall company performance. "The most exciting thing about this software," said Michael Keenan, BECC's chief software engineer, "is that our clients can see exactly which communication activities will improve their profitability and efficiency, and then plan the training programs around that." For HR managers, who are constantly called on to quantify ROI for English training programs, this software provides a reliable, objective means of doing just that. Even before deciding on a training program, however, the exclusive software helps HR and managers plan better English training programs for their staff. By making the specific needs of departments, job types, and individuals completely clear, CSS 2009 takes the guesswork out of planning training, even down to how many hours of training should be spent developing what skill. As one of the services the consulting firm provides, the needs analysis is completely independent from BECC's successful line of corporate business English courses. Consulting Software Suite 2009 determines the critical communication methods the organization uses English for, and what weaknesses the organization has in these areas. Entirely online, clients need not download or install anything, and can access the software from any web-enabled computer. After employees complete a detailed online analysis, the information is collected and presented in a clear needs analysis report. A step-by-step guide to the web software, as well as a sample needs analysis report, is available on BECC's website.

Seminar For Physicians

When Kevin Liu of Abbott, a leading global healthcare company, wanted to find ways to add value to a medical convention his company was sponsoring, he thought quickly of BECC. BECC's training solutions had made a difference in his company's sales staff, and he realized BECC's professional approach to presentation skills might be just what the doctor ordered. The result was a three-hour Presentations for Medical Professionals seminar held in sunny Kending. In attendance were five rheumatologists whose practices were based in South Taiwan. Though they all had local practices, they still had regular need to join international conferences to present their own research and findings - a tough task even if they could rely on their native language. The BECC senior consultant conducting the training saw the opportunity to make a real improvement to the way these professionals handled a critical part of their job. "Three hours really isn't a lot of time. I prepared materials directly related to their field of expertise, and made sure all the skills we practiced would transfer directly to their next conference presentation." The consultant focused on four key skills to improve their next presentation, making sure every participant had sufficient practice. And the business result? Says Mr. Liu from Abbot: "Most importantly, [our company's] messages were embed in the training and seamlessly delivered. I have to say it was really a successful promotion activity. I believe our sales will grow in the near future." With doctors learning and Abbot achieving sales results, with BECC, said Mr. Liu, Abbot had found a "win-win."

Academic Testimonial

You are an academic, your English is quite strong – or maybe it isn’t and your university is asking you to write and present in English. You are wondering where you can get assistance. BECC consulting can help you. Many of BECC’s employees have advanced degrees; all are experienced writers and presenters. After all presenting is what we do every day. BECC can help you improve your English, write, translate or edit your paper, learn presentation skills or prepare for questions and answers. Look at the following testimonial from Dr. Jonathan Chen an Assistant Professor at China Medical University. “Though I am exhausted from my trip to Atlanta, I have been busy replying to invitations from two journals. I am very grateful for your instruction on how to present and answer questions. I will recommend you without any hesitation”

BECC Joins Taiwan's Next Business Leaders to Look Forward

The packed auditorium of the Forte Hotel in Hsinchu buzzed with activity as over three hundred university students waited anxiously for AIESEC's Winter National Convention to convene last week (Jan. 27). The organization, the largest student-run organization in the world, brought students from fifteen universities around Taiwan to review the successes they had this year. The event also aimed to provide new education, skills and knowledge for the coming year, according to event organizers. BECC has been a partner with AIESEC since 2008. For the convention, BECC prepared a team-building workshop that taught students valuable workgroup principles through fun, hands-on activities and interactive lectures. By the end, twenty teams put the bridge their teamwork built to the test, seeing whose broke, and whose stayed strong. All students learned a valuable lesson in workgroup management and leadership, and the workshop proved to be a popular event that day. Though BECC has many community partners, AIESEC offers special rewards, says the BECC senior consultant in charge of BECC's AIESEC program. "It gives us the chance to take all this knowledge and experience we have in the business world to help the next generation of leaders pursue their dreams. It's really satisfying to share our expertise with such motivated, energetic people."