Editing Services

Clear, concise, and error-free communication is essential to making a good impression. Mistakes can be embarrassing, and unnatural or awkward phrases can detract from your message. The BECC Consulting Group provides high-quality editing services with a fast turnaround time. Our team has years of experience, is reliable, easy to work with, and has a 100% satisfaction rate.


  • Editing
  • Removing redundancies
  • Fixing problem sentences
  • Clarifying your ideas
  • Adjusting the tone for politeness and cultural sensitivity
  • Improving word choice
  • Reducing wordiness to make points clearer
  • Rearranging sentences and paragraphs if necessary
  • Ensuring conciseness
  • Creating clarity


We will check and correct your document for:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Consistent word usage
  • Parallel structure


Our editing team is comprised of business professionals with years of experience working with multi-national companies, universities, law firms and hospitals. Our clients have included National Taiwan University, Yang Ming University, Prudential Financial, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Artco Magazine, Nielsen, JWT, BBDO, Novartis and GSK.


  • Company documents, reports, and letters
  • Advertising copy and press releases
  • Packaging
  • Public relations documents
  • Menus, leaflets, flyers and newsletters
  • Business presentations and public speeches
  • Websites, email newsletters, and blogs
  • Client reports, auditing reports, and proposals


  • Research publications for doctors
  • Health care, medical and pharmaceutical writing
  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Manuscripts


  • Contracts
  • Business plans
  • Legal documents
  • Emails and memos
  • Copyright and patent applications

University professors

  • Research proposals and research plans
  • Grant proposals and reports
  • Course documents
  • Publications
  • Manuscripts


  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Theses
  • Resumés
  • Application forms


  • Websites
  • Manuals
  • Software
  • Company reports
  • Technical papers


  • Books, fiction, non-fiction, biographies
  • Personal correspondence and letters
  • Newspaper, magazine, or web articles


The BECC Consulting Group maintains strict confidentiality of your documents. We will not share them with third parties, and we have security procedures to guard against data theft. We provide a signed BECC Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request.


BECC consulting offers ghostwriting in various areas. Ghostwriting involves the creation of a sample paper or document in the format you require, complete with references and citations as needed. Pricing is based on a per page fee and varies dramatically depending on the topic area, the length, the time frame and the formatting requirements you have.


Submit your document by emailing it to editing@becc.tw. Within 24 hours, we will email you with a quote and estimated completion time.

Each edited document is returned in two formats:
  1. The Tracked Copy: This shows all the changes made.
  2. The Clear Copy: This does not show what was removed. It is a ready-to-use format.