BECC's Strengths

BECC Brings Value

BECC brings value by partnering with its clients. Each new project gives us the opportunity to transform our client’s mindset as well as our own, thereby shaping strategy and enabling meaningful, enduring impact. BECC’s capabilities and extensive experience make us a strong collaborative partner for driving lasting change.

BECC has Experience

Since 2006, BECC has partnered with some of the biggest international brands to solve their most important and complex problems, making their job our job, and delivering results that increase business performance and create lasting innovation. We have been fortunate to have had the chance to collaborate and partner with so many great companies from such a wide range of different industries.

BECC Provides Accurate Needs Analysis and True Customization

BECC has developed an exclusive software system that allows us to determine specific needs and provide reports, analysis, and solutions to meet those needs. BECC is then able to design specific solutions that focus precisely on the key activities that will help drive results and create lasting innovation. All solutions and strategies are tailored for each client ensuring that each approach is uniquely customized to meet the diverse needs of every client.

BECC offers Proficiency Measurement and Reporting

BECC has designed objective metrics to quantify subjective activities and accurately show improvements in different business activities. BECC can provide detailed performance reports that chart progress and outline correction strategies. These reports measure a project's effectiveness and connect the human capital investment with business performance.

BECC has Experienced Consultants with Deep Industry Knowledge

We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals available. Our consultants come from different backgrounds and have different values, which combine to make a diverse team that will support and challenge our clients to think critically about their businesses. We are passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. We have a strong commitment to doing the right thing for our clients, our team and our communities.

BECC Partners with Leadership Teams and HR Departments

We care for our clients' business as we care for our own business, believing that when one does well so does the other. We think more like partners and less like advisors. BECC’s people truly become a valuable addition to our clients' teams. We take a collaborative approach to consulting, emphasizing teamwork, trust, and tolerance. At BECC, we understand the realities of working in a fast-moving resource-constrained environment and align our incentives with our clients' objectives—we succeed at our job when they succeed at theirs.


To provide superior training and advisory services that drive incredible business performance and create lasting transformational change for our clients.

Training Programs

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“It goes without saying that I would recommend BECC to any of my business associates. I think you will regret it if you miss the chance to learn from BECC.”

~ Eric Tsai, Manager, Mega Financial Holdings

Corporate Experience